Music Licensing for Radio Music Licensing for Radio
Creation of the prototype of an online 'wizard' that helps an entrepreneur identify and apply for the appropriate copyright licences to enable them to use music legitimately within an online or broadcast radio business in the UK. Our own experiences of the complexities of licensing music for radio led us to create and execute the concept of this easy-to-use internet application for use by SMEs that may not have a detailed understanding of licensing terminology. (2012)
RadioDeck RadioDeck
A collaborative technology project we led with Mixcloud and UK Radioplayer to produce a prototype tool for smaller radio stations and individual radio producers to append appropriate rich metadata and to distribute their work via multiple online platforms. Together, the partners created an online application that helps radio producers to overcome these challenges. (2011-2012)
Radio Connected Radio Connected
A research and development project we led with partners Mixcloud, UK Radioplayer, Imagination Technologies, Reciva and the University of Westminster.Recognising that an important part of radio's future will be delivery via IP, we forged a concerted effort to join the dots between content producers, online aggregators, hardware manufacturers and academics to tackle several interconnected issues that could inhibit online usage. Our outputs included a content management solution for online self-publishing of radio content. (2011-2012)
A pioneering internet radio service that offers a diverse range of specially made radio programmes in different music genres that are curated by experts. Our belief is that the internet has created opportunities to expose a far wider range and depth of music content than can be accommodated by broadcast radio, connecting new and exciting music with a potentially global audience. Our archive now comprises several thousand hours of unique radio. (launched 2000)
Juice 107.2 Juice 107.2
Brighton's only genuinely local radio station. Proudly independent and as inclusive, open-minded and irreverent as the city it serves. During peak hours, the station adopts a mainstream approach, differentiated by its personalities and involvement with the city's vibrant cultural and commercial community. At night and during weekends, it reflects Brighton as an exciting world centre of music-making, live music, record labels and clubs. Juice 107.2 is authentically 'made in Brighton'. (launched 1998)
Smile Sussex Smile Sussex
Smile Sussex is the sister station of Brighton’s Juice 107.2 and is the UK’s first radio station dedicated entirely to the songs defined as the Standards and Traditional Pop. Broadcasting on DAB across Sussex and available worldwide online, the sound of Smile Sussex combines the best of Big Band, the strong tempos of Swing, a touch of Jazz, the sentimental Blues ballads of the Crooners as well as a contemporary take on the same themes by more recent artists. (launched 2012)